I'm 18 now I guess that's supposed to be important

Quoth Amanda: “Hi, i’m Sarah. i’m in love with basically any show that has a crime theme. i also ship awesome people like Reid and Prentiss. on my blog i basically post whatever i damn please and it’s pretty bitchin. i also usually have 500 papers to write and have trouble not sleeping on fires."


Vodka Cherry Pokeballs by BigEatsBen

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Aiden x Emily | 3.17 // 3.18

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The Bewilderbeast x

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"So do you sell drugs?" "No I’m only five"

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hey fuck off with this “Friendly reminder” shit. i don’t want to hear your shitty opinions

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Reblog if you dont shave your legs everyday.





I just want everyone to see how unrealistic some expectations are.

Dude I don’t even shower everyday

amen to this

do you see my legs???

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You know what makes me the saddest about Lilo and Stitch?

When she gets kicked out of the dance class, she’s the only person we know for sure is native Hawaiian in her age bracket in the class.

There’s Myrtle, who is white, Elena, who is white (she’s the blonde one), Theresa, who’s background is unclear, and Yuki, who is implied, based on the name and the large Japanese population in Hawaii, to be Japanese.

She is taking a dance class of a dance traditional to her people and she is kicked out primarily because a white girl, Myrtle, is bullying her. 

How fucking sad is that?

Everyone who liked this, everyone who validated this, you need to unlike it right now.

As a Native Hawaiian, I have a problem with this post.

A fucking big problem.

First off, Hawaii is massively diverse. Massively. Almost no one is pure Hawaiian. The speculation that Lilo is at all pure or the only part Hawaiian is laughable. There’s a very very slim margin that she would be at all. Secondly, just because it’s “not confirmed” doesn’t mean those girls aren’t. There are thousands of Japanese-Hawaiian girls. Thousands, and thousands more of even more mixed races who are Hawaiian. My sister is a shade away from blonde, and as pale as snow white, and she is just as half-Hawaiian as I am—even though I look more “authentic.” I know many beautiful Hawaiian girls with clouds of red hair and creamy complexions from mixed bloodlines. If you want to get “authentic” and go off of Lilo’s appearance, to us locals, she looks half-Asian. She looks definitely hapa at best.

It angers me beyond all reason that this has reposts, reposts from people who don’t understand the Native Hawaiian culture, much less the culture that sprung from it which envelops our islands. You are reposting blind ignorance. Who are you to decide who looks more Hawaiian? Who are you people to assume our culture and that this girl takes it more seriously than the others? Because she gets a back story?

The amazing thing about my culture, MY culture, is that hula opens its arms to all. All children here are welcome to it. It is passed on to them and their blood does not dictate their passion nor their eligibility. “Lilo is there to make her mother proud rather than to make friends and socialize.” Do you have any idea what a halau is? You don’t, no, none of you do. You have no idea what a halau is. A halau is your family, a halau are your friends, your only social circle when you are fully dedicated. My mother IS one of the queens of hula who trained under Maiki Aiu and she still talks to her hula sisters daily. They were part of her life. It isn’t enough to just hula, or learn it, and put blinders on the sides of your head. If you don’t live it with your hula sisters and brothers, then your story is nothing. You go through motions and you tell no stories.

Don’t try for one moment, to make that scene out like it was Lilo being bullied by a white girl. Yes, Hawaii is still being raped by the ideologies of white appropriation, but do not for one moment think that these girls may not be Hawaiian. Do not think for one moment that you have the right nor the knowledge to sweep onto the internet and start reposting like a fucking idiot about a culture and mixed bloodlines and races you don’t really understand aside from “the white man hurt them”. You damage people like my sister, like my cousins, all equally as proud and maka’a’inana as I, simply because they don’t look like me.

You have no right to use this scene as commentary, because you have not even a shade of an idea of the damage you do with it.

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This is a story from long ago, when the great mammoths still roamed our lands. It’s the story of my two brothers and me. When the three of us were young, we were taught that the world is full of magic. The source of this magic is the ever-changing lights that dance across the sky. The shaman woman of our village told us that these lights are the spirits of our ancestors, and that they had the power to make changes in our world. Small things become big. Winter turns to spring. One thing always changes into another.

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"you dont need dysphoria to be trans because the DSM says so!!!"

did you know that the DSM classifies children who question authorities/do not obey everything they’re told as mentally ill? it’s called oppositional defiant disorder.

theres literally a group of people who…

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